New Non-digital art

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Critical Art Ensamble-Paper

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The critical art ensemble is a group of self described “tactical media artists”.  They work in a wide range of formats ranging from: traditional media, digital media, installation, film and video, and performance.   Since 1987, the ensemble has been focusing on critical theory, political activism, and technology, as themes running through their work.  They have been featured in numerous art magazines, and have also had many exhibitions.  Amongst those exibits are:Whitney Museum and The New Museum in NYC; The Corcoran Museum in Washington D.C.; The ICA, London; The MCA, Chicago; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; and The London Museum of Natural History.



Marching Plague 2005-07, Free Range Grain 2003-04. CAE, Beatriz da Costa, and Shyh-shiun Shyu, Molecular Invasion 2002-04. CAE, Beatriz da Costa, and Claire Pentecost, GenTerra 2001-03. Critical Art Ensemble and Beatriz da Costa, Cult of the New Eve, 1999-2000. CAE, Paul Vanouse, and Faith Wilding, Intelligent Sperm On-line 1999, The Society for Reproductive Anachronisms, 1999-2000, Flesh Machine, 1997-98.

These works common theme are biotechnology, and also biological warfare.  In many of the works the team will set out to reproduce experiments that were done in the past that either were done by the government for biological warfare, or have been done by science labs.

Tactical Media-

Peep Under the Elbe, 2008, Tactical Media Workshop, 2002,   Renaming Project.” Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia 2002, Halifax Begs Your Pardon!, Halifax Nova Scotia, Tactical Media Workshop, 2002, Child as Audience, 2001, Radio Bikes, 2000, The International Campaign for Free Alcohol and Tobacco for the Unemployed, Sheffield, 1998, Looks Different Tastes the Same, 1992, Diseases of Consciousness, 1997, A Public Misery Message, 1990.

These works are tactical means of portraying a message to a targeted audience to bring awareness to them about numerous topics.


Immolation, 2008, video installation, 5 minute loopSeized, 2008, The Body Proud, 2003, True Crime, 1997, Shareholders Briefing, 1996

Problems for Co-Founder, Prof. Steve Curtz

In May of 2002, when Steve Curtz’s wife, Hope dies of a heart attack, local police who come in with the paramedics notice an astounding amount of biological equipment.   This sets off an FBI investigation on allegations of conspiracy to commit biological terrorism.  The FBI finds petri dishes, books on biological terror, among other things.  After a year investigation, and a 6 year trial, Curtz was eventually cleared of all charges.

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Golden Mean Neon Spin

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Critical Art Ensemble-Presentation

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New. Video Art!

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Bling 3,4 & 5

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"Change clothes, and go"

I Pop the Hood



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Jack Conte-Yeah Yeah Yeah


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Gestalt of Bling 1&2

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Grammy NightGrammyNightPimp CupPimpcup

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Reading Response: Chapter 2

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The thing that keeps surprising me about this book, and this chapter in particular, is the multiplicity of ways artists have used “modern” technology. There were so many pieces that really surprised and confused me. Many pieces were at one point most likely very technical, and difficult to create at the time, however, the times are changing and fast. For example, there was a piece in there that was a video work, that would capture a person on screen, but on fire. This is now a common video effect. Not only that, but video effects have just kept getting better and better.

This chapter also gets me pretty excited for the future of digital art via video games. Its gotten to the point where I am expecting to see future game consoles not just base movement of of sensors on controllers, but with sensors that track body movement. This kind of technology can only aid the development of art projects in the future.

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Upsetting. Posters.

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